New single en video Gitta de Ridder

Lie With Me

Lie With Me

In art we expose ourselves. In music we bare our souls and speak out about the things close to us, the things we feel, the lives we live. We bare that what lies and sometimes hides inside. We dress it up, we dress us up, in dresses and trousers and jumpers and fashions to say; look this is me and how I want you to perceive me. We mould ourselves into a shape and form.
In simplicity, honesty, naked in song, in word, in sound, we bare all. To speak our truth. For those who want to hear it. – Gitta de Ridder –

Gitta de Ridder is a Dutch/English singer-songwriter living in the UK for 8 years now. She’s picked up much of the English poetic and musical heritage which is clearly shining through in her engaging and emotion-filled songwriting, folk rooted guitar playing and honest vocals. After her Dutch television debut with “The Best Singer Songwriter” Gitta released single “Mr. Yesterday” in June 2014, EP “Come Find Me” Jan 2015 single “Alternate Reality” Sept. 2015.

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